Have you been dreaming of starting your massage career but there may be something that has stopped you from taking a course.


Maybe you have even looked around at some courses and you just didn’t feel a pull towards them.

I hear you!



I remember looking around years ago to take a massage course but I just wasn’t feeling it, until I came across Lomi Lomi Massage or sometimes called Kahuna Massage.


Never heard of it, that’s ok.


It is a massage style that is full of holistic goodness, treating the mind, body and spirit of the client… so what does that mean?


It means that your client will feel bloody awesome after one of your treatments. 

No need for your clients to book sessions with other modalities because you will learn how to blend the physical and energy work to give your clients the best of both worlds. 


And the best part you can start working as a massage therapist is after just



to learn all the relaxation techniques, including


Heartworks lomi lomi massage

Hot stones massage

Chair massage

Advanced relaxation techniques

Side lying massage

4 Handed Lomi Massage

and Hawaiian Lymphatic Massage.


We start by teaching you a low impact style of Lomi called Heartworks Lomi Lomi and if you want to you can advance to more in depth massage courses or if you want to them jump in and 6 day massage training course with our classes in Toowoomba and through south east Queensland.

Once you have completed a course with us, you will become a qualified Lomi practitioner and able to access professional insurance.


How good is that?


We know setting out on a new path can be daunting…..


You may believe that you have to study a certificate IV or a Diploma of massage to work as a massage therapist, but that is simply not true.


To work as a massage therapist in Australia, you only need to attend a course that is Accredited.


Which is good news, cause not everyone wants to study and do assignments, especially if working in a clinical setting is not that kind of work you want to do.

There are so many things in life to prioritise….your doubts arise….and then there’s the money!


You might be like so many others, putting off putting yourself first, waiting until the time is right or for some cosmic sign to make a move….


Just imagine you’ve completely transformed your life.

Giving treatments that are NOT the standard massage sessions which helps you stand out in the sea of massage

therapists and you're finally dining the work that you want to do and you have created a thriving, vibrant practice facilitating transformational experiences with your clients.

Are you ready to start a new career, or maybe you are already a massage therapist looking to enhance your skills, either way, attending a Lomi Lomi massage training course will transform you and your skills!


So which short massage course in Toowoomba do you want to check out first?


Running your own holistic business is one of the most profound personal and spiritual development experiences you will ever take, which is why we developed The Soulful Business Academy, a membership site that provides holistic practitioners like you with a framework to leverage your unseen power while also giving you the tools, strategies and systems to build a strong business.


We love being able to support you through massage training and business building strategies so that you can be a shining light and help others with your gifts and skills.


We all need a little help from time to time as therapists to enhance our skills and grow our business and will show you how to create the life and business you always dreamed of.



Wanna know more?

Of course you do, and once you join, you'll learn how to bring in 10 clients in just 10 days!!



Hey, I'm Debbie


I help heart centred people gain the massage skills to offer unique treatments and support them to build a thriving practice and I did it all as a single mum raising 2 children on my own. 


I would love to support you as well.

Here what some of our clients say about us.


(T Burt- Aromatherapist & Kinesiologist)

I'd like to give great thanks to Debbie and her team who have come down to support us to learn this process. It's been a magnificent 3 days that have really opened myself up to a beautiful new bunch of new friends, let alone the exquisiteness of this practise that I can take into my own clinic now, to support people to really allow themselves to be nurtured and find that space within themselves to centre themselves and get more out of life. So it's very exciting to be able to take this to my clinic and to my clients. Thank you, ladies.

(M Perham - Remedial Massage Therapist)

I have just finished training with Debbie and I have to say it was absolutely awesome. I have learnt so much, learnt to work with the flow and how to totally relax. But more than that, to connect with the people that I was doing the course with. I would highly recommend this course for anybody whether you're a massage therapist or you just want to do it for family and friends. Highly Recommend this course with Debbie and Barb, they are both awesome ladies, know their craft and you will get so much out of this.

J Midgley

Hi guys, I just wanted to share with you the really amazing experience. I completed my heart works lomi lomi certificate and what a truly opening heart experience I just had this weekend. I wanted to thank Deb Barker, she conducted the training and I just wanted to say how warm, open and loving she is. She's got some really awesome experience in lomi lomi. Great history, understanding history. But what I want to say is thank you Deb for what you gave me. Lomi lomi is just a beautiful experience where I've been able to open my heart, learn some really basic, good guided massage. Lomi lomi is such a beautiful, loving based thing that you guys can learn and experience if you want to share something with others. Deb makes it a really opened, grounded and comfortable place to learn lomi lomi. You will get something out of it. I just wanted to share this. Love you guys.

K Barker

Before I started doing this training, I was really struggling with having a lack of confidence. I was always rushing around and couldn't slow down, money is always tight but this was something I knew I had to do. What I can say is that during the course I felt very comfortable and relaxed and everything was explained in terms that I could understand. I can honestly say now that I have more self-worth and I feel calmer in myself. The training and breathing has settled down my chest a lot which was causing me a lot of stress. So for that, I say a huge thank you. I will start using the techniques that I learnt this week with family and friends and my intention is to move on to paying clients in time.



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