Discover A Simple Low Tech, Low Cost Strategy To Attract Clients Into Your Holistic Practice So That You Can Help More People And Generate An Income.

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The Soulful Business Academy is a Mentoring and Marketing Membership Program

That gives you social media ad scripts, systems to help organise emails, social media posts and everything you need to help you build a practice that is right for you, every month!


Learn everything you need to confidently attract a regular loyal clientele and ensure your practice is the most recommended in your area.  

The number one reason a practice FAILS is because they do not have enough clients to make it financially viable. 

​These quick and easy steps I am going to share with you are the exact measures I took to build my practice working from a home studio!


Hi, my name is Debbie K Barker… a heart centred massage therapist, Lomi Lomi trainer and business mentor.


In the video I'm going to share with you ways that you could be self-sabotaging your success with increasing your practice.


This is something that is close to my heart. 


These tips that I will share with you are based on my own personal experience over the last 10 years, which nearly had me calling it quits a few times, until I changed my inner stories and managed to stop self-sabotaging myself.


In the video training below I'm giving you an insight into 5 Ways To Make Your Bodywork Practice Successful and even perhaps you could see how you may have been self - sabotaging yourself.


Once you understand the foundations for creating a successful holistic practice, you will be able to attract premium clients and charge premium prices, to build a thriving practice, then you can upscale your business to have a bigger impact on the world. 


This means that we don't have to waste any more time doing outdated and ineffective, (yet commonly taught) marketing methods, such as:


- Doing free chair massages at events

- Spending your weekends at the local markets

- Doing a mailbox drop round your local area

- Handing out business cards to everyone

- Flyers and mail-outs

- Newspaper ads

- Groupon and Yelp ads

- Posting randomly on social media every day

- Doing a great job and hoping for referrals


So, if you have the desire to grow your practice and develop programs to help people on a global scale, you just need support and guidance so that you can create the impact that you want.


...Or your practice is doing OK but you want to take your income to the next level by creating online programs so that you scale, without working more hours or hiring more staff or even expanding by building a multiple therapists' practice.


Then the - 5 Ways To Make Your Bodywork Practice Successful which I'm going to share in the video below (and the special offer after it) could make this the most valuable page you have ever come across.



- Deb



This membership is especially designed for massage therapists, bodyworkers and energy healers who want to build a practice that feels aligned with their soul..... but instead you're ......


You know other bodywork therapists are getting clients ... but you have no idea how to grow YOUR following and turn followers into high-paying clients.


Are you doing some marketing but getting fed up because people aren't engaging with your posts, let alone requesting an appointment or worst yet you're attracting the wrong clientele who don't value your skills! 




Going to networking events, handing out business cards and collecting a heap in return, only to come home and throw them into the bin! Then flop on the couch because you feel worn out!


Feeling overwhelmed with all there is to do with growing a business; from when to post, to how to take pictures, how to write engaging captions, how to attract real followers and turn them into actual clients, etc. 


You’re stressed out, burnt out, and not making enough money.  You want to raise your prices and make more... but you’re afraid your clients will leave.


You want to feel excited about giving treatments, but lately, you've been feeling that pit of anxiety in your stomach when you think that you can’t support yourself doing what you really want to and that kind of scares you.

No matter what, you know you NEED TO MAKE A CHANGE because what you’re currently doing is not working.

Listen, I know that there are many programs out there promising that they have the perfect system to help you build your practice, but if you are lacking in self-belief, confidence or don’t start with having a strong foundation, then you can hold yourself back from helping people to transform their lives.



Maybe you have already enrolled in a few of them, only to see very little change in your practice. 

And let’s face it, if you don’t change something soon.....then you’ll have to get a second job to make ends meet. 


What if ..


You could earn more doing what you love, so that you have the money to live a lifestyle that you really want.


Wake up each day to an appointment book filled with people you love while keeping your energy high.


Turn your passion for healing into a thriving practice that feels aligned with your soul's purpose.


You have new dream clients contacting you every day, trying to get an appointment with you.



You have the confidence to raise your prices because you’re already booked out 2-3 months in advance.


You could say no to clients that don’t light you up or services that you don’t love doing.   

And what if all of this was possible just by using a simple, proven strategy for attracting clients? 


This is the Soulful Business Academy.


As a bonus, when you sign up you will access my system for bringing in - 

10 clients in just 10 days!

You can access this as soon as you join!

Imagine how you will feel once you have clients booking in!!

Listen, I know that last year was a year of ups and downs.

Many therapists were frustrated and, unfortunately, many struggled to make ends meet.


But that doesn't have to be you!


So are you ready to know how to create more stability and truly build your practice month over month?


I’m sure you are, especially if you’re still reading this, but you may be thinking that you need a big budget to get the support that you need to build your practice.


Well, it doesn’t need to be like you, actually you don’t need to shell out thousands for an obscure SEO company, pricey web designer and an elite media strategist, because it has never been easier to grow your practice. 


You just need to understand your values and use the right tools, systems, and strategy.


Let’s be real: if you don’t have a body on your table, you aren’t supporting your lifestyle. 


One of the best parts of being a bodyworker is that you can be in full and complete control of your schedule and your practice. 


If you want to pick up the kids from school, just work school hours or be at all the Saturday sporting games, AND create a super successful practice, you can. 


If you want to have freedom, a life, and time to spend with your family, fur babies, and friends, you can. 


You just need a plan.


How would it change your life if you could make more money doing what you love?


Would you take every weekend off? 


Imagine what it would be like to make the same amount of money and work 3 days instead of 5…  


For now though I want you to ask yourself how your business and your life could be different if you could easily pay your bills and have money left over to buy a house or maybe not even buy a house just to get the regular bodywork that you'd love.


This is exactly why I created this take you from being stressed out, not booked, and not loving your being booked out for months in advance, giving treatments that you love and helping your clients transform their lives. 


But if you don’t do this the right way, you’ll crash and burn, losing touch with the reason why you became a body worker in the first place.

Inside the


you will get…

Explore what you get access too....

  • 'Winning formula'

    Posts that you can replicate and adapt to your business and your treatment offerings with ease.

  • Scripts to re-engage

    With lapsed clients, that will encourage them back into your clinic.

  • Guided video tutorials

    Walking you through how to set up your marketing so you can get the post published in no time

  • Copy and paste

    my exact systems that I use, so that when you are able to hire help you can just share the system with them.

  • A VIP Closed Facebook

    Community with ongoing support, where I can help and mentor you, and you can interact with other members too.

  • Advanced trainings

    on how to write your copy for your website and your social media channels that speak to your target audience in a way that resonates with them, building value, trust and rapport, so they rely on you and stay with you.

  • Techniques to release

    the money blocks for your practice. And many more...

And because I'm continually testing and refining new stuff, I will be adding trusted bonus content that will propel your business forward.



I’ve done all the work for you...made all the mistakes so you don’t have to...and failed so you can learn from me.


So my question is, are you ready to come join me?


If you're ready to stop feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and underpaid, you've come to the right place. 


Soulful Business Academy isn't just a membership; it’s your roadmap to more income and more life balance.


    Uncover the goal of YOU being in business and plan for success


    Create packages to meet your client's wants 


    Discover how marketing leads to new clients 


    Develop a relationship so you are not constantly having to sell 


    Achieve the results for your clients and your bank account

Once you have all 5 pillars working in harmony, then your practice will flourish. 

For the small price of $22 (AUD) per week, that's roughly $18 USD!

You will get access to our SBA Membership with content unlocking after each month you're subscribed!

So why did I create this membership…

Hi, I’m Debbie K Barker!


I’m a holistic wellness business owner and like so many this year, it has had its ups and downs.


With so much up in the air with the economy and many people out in the world struggling, I believe that as healers, we all have gifts that can help ease someone's pain.


I know that so many healers are struggling with all the changes and even if you can still have your doors open, many of our clients have changed their buying habits.


Also, I saw so many people gain skills in their modality and then struggle to create a business, which is really sad to see so much talent and gifts not being used because we all need to make ends meet and, sadly, many need to go back to a 9 - 5 job!


So I asked myself the question…


How can I support therapists to create a successful practice based on their terms? 


Hence, the birth of this membership. I wanted to create something that was low cost and easy to implement.  

Here's the thing…

A lot of struggling bodyworkers get stuck in the cycle of taking workshop after workshop or learning a new modality thinking that it will magically increase their income.


I know, because I’ve been there as well… actually that was the old way of doing “business”. 


Therapists were taught years ago to have a menu and list down all the treatments they could do .. the theory was that the more things you had on your menu… the better you were.


Unfortunately, that outdated technique is still being taught in some schools.


You don't need another modality, you need to know how to talk to your audience and your clients in a language they understand.


Without the right systems, practices, and organization in place, you’ll burn yourself out trying to keep up with the latest “new thing” and have very little to show for it. 

Who is SBA  for?


For any bodyworker that wants to share and sell their product or service, help more people, and get more desirable clients.


Therapists want to fill empty spaces in their diary each week.


Newly trained natural therapists want to accelerate quickly.


For those of you that love being a therapist but don't have much time for marketing because of commitments at home, but still want to create a steady and consistent income for nice holidays and new clothes and a regular visit to the hair dressers.


This system is for you:


If you have an abundant and 'can-do' perspective, you are happy to try new social media posts provided and even spend a little money on advertising them to your audience, when you want an even greater return.


You are prepared to trust the process, be persistent, have an open mind and not give up on your goals.


Therapists are determined to be successful and are not afraid of doing the necessary work.


And you actually want to invest time working on your practice rather than in your practice, so you can make more money and do more of the things you desire in life.

Who should NOT Join?!


Anyone that is not patient and gives up easily.


If you do not intend to implement any of the templates and scripts, this membership is not for you.


I work with energy and the law of attraction and I prefer to work with similar, like-minded people, who take ownership and know and understand that their actions and beliefs create their own reality.


If you think that you will immediately be successful from the minute you join, and want to get quick results, please do not join.


If you are not interested in adding value to your audience, not giving your knowledge and your skills to your potential clients or your current clients, and would rather put all your energy into what you can get from them.

















It’s time for you to really step up and own your skills and be the caring, professional practitioner that you are.


It’s a big part of my mission to support big-hearted therapists like you, grow your practice so that you can improve the lives of others.


So how do you create a practice that has a great reputation, supports you financially and gives you that satisfaction of making a difference in people’s lives, without burning out or going back to a 9 - 5 job? 


So, How does it work?

When you sign up, you'll receive an email with your log in details.


You'll get instant access to all of the month one content when you sign up for $22 (AUD) and then you will enter into an ongoing membership price of $22 (AUD) every week until you cancel your membership.


Every 30 days from the day you signed up, you will get access the next months of trainings.


You can cancel anytime. There is no lock in contract.


You'll be automatically notified by email when the next month's content is available to view.




So are you feeling ready to take action and to start implementing it right away?


So, for $22 (AUD) per week, it is a 'no-brainer' bargain.



***NOTE: This is not a 'Get Rich Quick' scheme. 


While a lot of our members have bookings coming in within a few days of registering, it takes time to build a great business and work through the process of getting proficient at booking clients in, getting them to show up, delivering great treatments for your clients, and then rebooking them, so that you're not constantly having to 'selling mode'



I want to join the membership. When does the program and content finish? 

How long do I have access to SBA?

How much time do I need to view the content each month?

What do I need to join?

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

The membership is priced in AUD, and is charged weekly, is that correct?

Will the monthly cost in SBA go up for me in the future?

If You're Still Reading...


Then you must be interested in getting more bookings and increasing your practice... so I'm just going to be direct with you.


This program is a game changer, as you will finally have not only a clear vision for your practice that resonates with your soul, but also a solid foundation to make that vision a reality. 


This programme has worked for massage therapists and other licenced body workers, and they practise a variety of modalities, including Massage, Spinal Flow, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Craniosacral, Alexander Technique, Access Bars and more. 


Some therapists are even creating their own kind of bodywork. Put it this way, if you are a skilled, committed, big-hearted bodywork therapist, you will love SBA.


As heartfelt, soulful practitioners, I understand first hand the courage that it takes to create a practice out of passion for helping others, but all these good intentions count for nothing if you can't keep your doors open and make a great living out of providing treatment.

As a bonus, when you sign up you will access my system for bringing in - 

10 clients in just 10 days!

You can access this as soon as you join!

Imagine how you will feel once you have clients booking in!!